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. the good news is the deficit is about half of what it was in 2009. deficit is the difference between what the government has and what it sapends. the deficit is only about $800 billion or $2500 for every single person in america. >> right. >> only. >> key word there. >> feels better to say only. 5:55. starting tomorrow we'll blame it on the rain. >> don't even think about washing your car. mother nature will put ta shine on naturally come tomorrow morning. this morning, we have chilly conditions out there. 39 degrees for instance in concord. 35 in santa rosa and 41 degrees in san mateo. headed to the 60s with sunshine this afternoon. 60 degrees inland and bay side. 59 degrees. at the coast, 58 degrees. your full forecast, the timing of the potent system on the way first we want to look at the drive. that's getting busy. good morning, mike. >> good morning. we are getting much more traffic flow on the san mateo bridge. the tail lights away from us are the commute direction. hayward to the peninsula side. there is increasing volume. we'll look at the maps. off 880 a smooth flow. off 238 bot
down spending. >> i think the mixed picture is as follows. yes, i think more deficit reduction is occurring than most people realize. if the sequester actually occurs or cuts equivalent to the size of the sequester occur, $1.2 trillion over two years, you will have had $3 trillion of deficit reduction done or in the pipelines, and simpson bowles two years ago called for 4.5%. you will have done two thirds of what they said. although if they were sitting here today they would probably call for a higher number. however, it's not being done in the right way. on a balanced way and adequately balanced between revenues and spending and the key to spending restraint over the very long term, entitlement reform is not as mcginnis said, part of the picture. >> alan, your book. let's talk about that for a moment. you argued the t.a.r.p. and the stimulus did their jobs. why and what did we learn from the crisis? >> well, why? we had a very sick financial system, especially a sick banking system. that had to be the first order of priority, even though it was bound to be incredibly unpopular
republicans want a bigger agreement on a long-term deficit reduction plan. the white house also announced today president obama will be going to israel this spring for the first time since taking office. israeli media say he's due to arrive march 20th, though the white house would not confirm any of the travel dates. >>> we are learning much more tonight about the breaking story we brought you here last night. the dramatic rescue of a 5-year-old boy after a standoff in alabama that lasted almost a week. nbc's gabe gutierrez is with us tonight from midland city, alabama. gabe, good evening. >> reporter: brian, good evening. today ethan's mother broke her silence. in a written statement she said, i woke up this morning to the most beautiful sight, my sweet boy. i can't describe how incredible it is to hold him again. at the hospital today, there were no signs of the ordeal young ethan, seen here in earlier photos, has been through. >> he was running around the hospital room, putting sticky notes on everyone that was in there, eating a turkey sandwich, and watching spongebob. >> reporter: at
budget office that for the first time since president obama has been in office, we can see a deficit under $1 trillion. $884 billion is what they are suggesting. they think unemployment will go up through the next couple of years, but federal revenue, the amount of money coming into the government going up by 25%, in part, because of the fiscal cliff deal. also because the economy is improving. richard? >> tracie, we'll take under 1 trillion right now. thank you. >>> a major decision expected today from the boy scouts of america. national board members set to vote on whether to lift a decade's long band on gay leaders and scouts. the final day of a three-day meeting of officials. a controversial issue drawing fire from both sides and putting one of the country's largest youth organizations under a microscope. president obama said over the weekend that scouting should be open to everyone while texas governor rick perry expressed the opposite opinion. if board members scrap that policy, they will be able to decide for themselves to admit gays to their ranks there. >>> on the heels of t
of spending cuts and tax reform is the best way to finish the job of deficit reduction. >> the sooner we solve our spending problems, the sooner our jobs problem goes away as well. >> president obama is expected to talk about the use of drone strikes to kill terrorists abroad even if it includes u.s. citizens. >> lance armstrong needs to act fast to have his lifetime ban possibly lifted. the u.s. anti-doping agency says in exchange for information on his drug use, it may lift the ban from cycling. he has only until the end of today to cooperate. armstrong telling the organization he cannot meet the deadline. the guy never does anything easy. he will instead cooperate with orld anti-doping ag. he admitted using performance enhancing drugs to cheat his way to a record seven tour de france titles. >> out for the season but not out for good. we talk to lindsey vonn's coach about yesterday's slip on the slopes. oh, what it means for her quest for gold in 2014. >> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." >> welcome back. good morning on this wednesday morning. we give you a shot of the bay bri
significant. we need it at this point we're starting to run a deficit in terms of your average total. we'll be on top of that for you. mike is all over your morning drive. >> good morning. deficit in the number of cars on the road. we don't mind that. keeps things moving smoothly. picking up volume now. a new crash just behind that 87 here north 101 at 87. a report of a crash there. sounds like everything is out of the lanes. i'll track that for the south bay. no big whoop as far as northbound commute direction or southbound for that matter. over here, a little build for your folks coming out of the altamont pass. holding steady and clearing as far as slowing in toward the dublin interchange. there is your commute route. no slowing again except for a minor buildup. you have to slow for the bend. we'll take folks over to the san mateo bridge and point out a couple things. smoother drive but a few more cars and they disappear as low clouds and fog make the high-rise view disappear here. on the foster city side, peninsula, look at this. i can't see the folks coming off the bridge. i can onl
of running a deficit after our very dry january. thursday we get those showers. let's take you into the upcoming weekend. hey, we're done with the 49ers and football for now, but we're getting ready to start back up with baseball, of course. >> oh, yeah. >> we are your giants station. fanfest saturday looking good, back to you. >> that's right. the world champion giants. >> that's right. >>> coming up at 11:00, beyonce makes a major announcement follower her spectacular half time performance. >> maybe something to do with putting a ring op it. >>> and fan favorites. >>> virgin america announcing later today beginning may 1st it will start flying from san jose to los angeles. domestic carrier known for low fares and in-flight wifi will be facing some fierce competition from airlines, though, including southwest, american, alaska and united. the move is welcome news to silicon valley business travelers who have long been campaigning to bring more carrier to the airport. the airline plans to add 15 workers in san jose. >>> because the 49ers did not strike super bowl gold, mayor ed
deficit with china felt by quite a bit suggesting strong american manufacturing and exports. now it's good news, but it doesn't gibe with the latest gdp numbers we have showing that the american economy has contracted. so economists are going to have to go back and figure this one out. those discouraging gdp numbers could very well be wrong. >>> a decent day on the markets. it's been a peculiar week this week, a lot of up and a lot of down. linkdn doing well after blowout yesterday. >>> and the power company that provided electricity to the louisiana superdome said it figured out what caused the power outage during the super bowl. it wasn't hackers, beyonce, it was just a bad relay. sometimes the explanation turns out to be a bit routine. a thing-ga-ma-doo quit working. >> fun to think that beyonce blew out all the lightsp. >> scott mcgrew talking about a thing-ga-ma-doo. >> technical term. >>> a live look. beautiful clear skies more or less here over san francisco. this is the clearest it's been all day. so mostly sunny here. let's show you san jose now. oh, yeah, we're still dealing with
on the economic front on the trade deficit and wholesale trade. the dow losing 42 points to 13,944. looks to be down for the week. nasdaq slipped to 3165. the irs is cracking down on criminals who use stolen identities to seek thousands of dollars in tax refunds. the agency says a january sweep of 32 states and puerto rico found nearly 400 identity theft suspects including more than 100 that were arrested. the number of investigations tripled last year centering on high-risk cities such as san francisco, l.a., new york and miami. the irs says it is investigating in-house filters that were what helped prevent $20 billion in would-be fraudulent tax refunds last year. big problem these days. big problem for health care. some people use your number to go get health care and then you're stuck with the bill. you have to be very careful about your data. back to you. >> big problem and big dollars. 20 billion in fraud. we'll keep our eye on that one. thank you very much. >>> keeping an eye on the forecast. our cold and wet weather to the start of the weekend nothing compared to what's happening t
, four to five hours. chronic sleep deficit. you add that, you know, those two with a family history and clearly she was ripe for a heart attack. >> what about you, eva? are you the one that had the aneurism? >> yes. >> tell us about that. >> so young too. >> that's the thing. i had type 2. in my 20s i had a murmur. and i knew that something was not quite right in my heart, but they said you're okay now. come back in five years. i chose to ignore the fact that i needed to go back. i waited 13 years to go back to follow-up, and the murmur was just a little noise in my heart, but over those 13 years the aneurism on top of my heart continued to grow, and i wasn't aware of it. so when i finally did go back, they did discover that the aneurism was very large. >> you are very athletic, right? >> i like to exercise a lot, yes. >> a lot of this stuff is preventable. that's the funny thing. you can fix it from the outside, but oftentimes we don't think of it. what can people at home do if they're concerned about this? >> i think people need to know that heart disease is the leading killer of
who has worked with budgets throughout my life, in order to deal with the deficit problem, you've got to deal with entitlements. you have to deal with revenues. and you have to deal with discretionary. all of it has to be part of a package. >> is he doing enough? >> i think he's pushing as hard as he can. >> should he be more public? >> well, look. the president of the united states has indicated the concern about sequester. he's indicated his concern about maintaining a strong national defense. and he's proposed a solution to this. the ball is in congress' court. they have got to take action to delay sequester. >> i want to move on to some of the hot spots. we'll start in north africa. a lot of news this week. here is the a.p. headline. u.s. limited in fight against north african militants. the united states is struggling to confront an uptick in threats in the newest hot spot with limited intelligence and few partners to help as the obama administration weighs who you to keep islamic extremists from jeopardizing national security without launching war. we want to put up a map here.
in others. >>> and new into the newsroom this morning, america's trade deficit with china fell quite a bit suggesting strong american manufacturing. that's good news but it doesn't jive with latest gdp numbers. economists will have to figure this one out. discouraging gdp numbers could be wrong. >>> the president met with house democrats on thursday to give them a preview of the state of the union. he'll be giving that next week including calls for green energy and immigrants here hope he'll push for reform in immigration. we've talked about this. skilled workers who struggle to get visas to stay in america despite the fact they are building companies. this is an italian who can't get a visa but he hopes he can find another way to stay. >> enabling any entrepreneur from all over the world to come to this country and maybe give them six to nine months, probably a year, just to prove their concept and see if at the end of the year they have, let's say, high 1%, they're good to go. >> he'll be my guest on "press: here" after "meet the press" this sunday. >> thank you very much. >>> time now 6
because we have a less than expected productivity report. today we'll get data on the trade deficit and wholesale trade. the dow losing 42 points to 1 13,944. nasdaq slipping another three to 3165. scott, we're all bracing for snow and likely going to be very light trading volume between wall street and up in boston all of those mutual funds. a lot of folks putting in shorter days. >> i would imagine so. have a safe weekend. thank you much. >>> the president met with house democrats on thursday to give them a preview of the state of the union address and he's going to give that next week and that speech will include new calls for green energy. that's good for silicon valley. and many immigrants here hope he'll push for immigration reform. we talkeded about this in the past. skilled workers who need visas to stay and don't get them despite the fact they are building companies. they can't get a visa but hopes to stay another way. >> we need any entrepreneur from all over the world to come to this country and maybe give them six to nine months, probably a year, just to prove the concep
and deficit reduction exactly one week ahead of his state of the union address. president obama is juggling a full plate of proposals on guns and immigration. homeland security secretary janet napolitano on monday toured border security operations in san diego. >> we are committed to making sure this sector and the entire southwest border remains secure. >> reporter: a key piece of the president's plan for immigration reform that allowed estimates 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the u.s. to earn citizenship. on monday he took his push for tougher gun laws to minneapolis, the city known as murderopolis in the mid '90s, before a crackdown sharply reduced the violence. >> weapons of war have no place on our streets or in our schools or threatening our law enforcement officers. >> reporter: against the backdrop of those officers, president obama urged supporters to call on congress to act. >> we don't have to agree on everything to agree it's time to do something. >> reporter: while both sides largely agree with a need for expanded background checks, reinstating the assault weapons
. >> reporter: the president will largely focus his attention on immigration reform and deficit reduction exactly one week ahead of his state of the union address. >>> a tragic story. new details on the death of a new york city mom murdered in turkey. >> she was supposed to come back and she didn't. >> they must have luck on their side. ste stephen and terri weaver were on a weekend getaway and returned with two lottery tickets. are you kidding me? >> couldn't believe we won twice. couldn't believe we had won as much as we did. >> jesse, will you come out? >> a gentleman never kisses and tells. >> pucker up. all right. >> loser pays up. boy, is al roker paying right now. >> here's what's happening in your neck of the -- your neck of the woods. >> l.a. reid, the music mogul and jennifer hudson. >> katharine mcphee is inside our studio warm and toasty. >> you remember her, tiffani thiess thiessen, of "saved from the bell." >> john harbaugh is with us from new orleans. >> we were watching your show in the room. you guys do a great job. we love your show. >> yes, there are men on trampolines
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)